The app you can create in a day for your marketing.

Take a look at the link:

Or download the demo app directly: on Google Play und App Store

Really? That works????

Yep, with so-called no-code APPs, especially for marketing and/or employee communication. You assemble what you need for your needs from templates.

For whom?

For companies, institutions, associations, clubs or people with a large circle of friends and much more...

What do you do with it then??

Invite customers into your own ecosystem. Here you can chat with them, share your cumulative knowledge, or simply invite them for a coffee.

Doesn't sound very important!!! 

Well, there are companies that can use it to stay in touch with their important customers and interested parties, for example at trade fairs and events, send up-to-date information, make appointments, plan events or send product information.




Knowledge Base


If you have exclusive products that only certain regular customers should see...
You can set up VIP areas with sub-apps.


As a secure chat for employees and project communication with all the functions that make social media so beautiful - and in small and for selected groups of people (closed groups)...

So also for the retail trade?

Yes, especially the ones with shop connection, event planning and all kinds of things to get in touch with the customers directly.

Cool... for whom else?

If you have an agency or are a distributor, then there is the possibility that we provide you with the communication tools for your marketing and you brand your app and the content on yourself and are thus very quickly ready to start your own marketing.

The best thing would be for us to meet when you have time

Ok ok, think about it, hm, how do we get closer?

We'll guide you through it. Just fill out the enquiry tool, and we'll know what we're talking about. Then you can decide

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