About us

The Comrocket GmbH, based in Cologne, is an expert in digital marketing and the exclusive partner of mpa international ag in Germany. Serving as a central strategic partner for celebrities, brands, and companies, Comrocket focuses on leveraging the benefits of VIPhouse platforms to maximize their online presence and monetization potential.

Comrocket offers comprehensive services for a successful presence on VIPhouse

Platform Strategy and Consultation: Conducting audience research for tailored strategies, developing platform strategies to maximize brand engagement, and consulting on best practices.

Content Creation and Management: Producing and optimizing audience-specific content, planning and managing content releases to drive engagement.

Customer Service and Community Building: Cultivating active communities through effective communication and customer support, providing customer service to ensure a positive user experience.

Training and Development Programs: Hosting workshops and training sessions on platform usage, offering educational programs on trends in digital marketing.

Technical and Strategic Support: Assisting with technical setup, providing ongoing strategic guidance to adapt to market conditions and platform updates.

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